What are Bioclimatic Systems?

Bioclimatic pergola systems consist of aluminum panels and have dual-motor retractable ceiling systems. These systems, produced with the latest technology, offer multiple comfort areas to their users. The panels in the bioclimatic system, unlike others, rotate around themselves and perform a folding movement. After folding, the panels retract themselves, thus creating a sunroof system.

Thanks to bioclimatic systems, both folding and recovery processes occur at the same time. This is the most technological and innovative feature among sunroof systems. Even in rainy weather conditions, with its slight opening feature, the air inside is refreshed and water does not enter.

Since bioclimatic systems are environmentally friendly products, they minimize the impact of buildings on the environment and maximize sustainability. People can enjoy their natural environment whenever they want, thus increasing environmental awareness.

Bioclimatic Systems Usage Areas

Bioclimatic systems, which have an aluminum design and can adapt to almost any area, have many areas of use. The places where it is most frequently used are:


Restaurants and Cafes



Advantages Offered by Bioclimatic Systems

Using Bioclimatic Pergola systems in your own comfort area offers you many different advantages that other structures cannot offer. Using bioclimatic systems in homes, gardens and various living spaces means opening up a new extra space.

The advantages offered by bioclimatic systems are as follows:

What Do Bioclimatic Systems Do?

Bioclimatic systems are one of the systems that people use to maximize the comfort of their living spaces. The functions of bioclimatic systems are as follows:

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We Compiled the Frequently Asked Questions

The Bioclimatic Pergola System provides a versatile outdoor space by allowing you to adjust the louvers, control sunlight, and adapt to changing weather conditions. It seamlessly integrates technology and nature, offering comfort and style year-round.
Skylights bring the beauty of the outdoors inside, providing an infusion of natural light and a sense of openness. They enhance energy efficiency, contribute to a positive atmosphere, and can be customized to suit various architectural styles.
Absolutely! Our Bioclimatic Pergola System, 2.Guillotine Glass System, Skylights, and Hanging Accordion System offer a range of customization options. From colors and materials to configurations, we ensure that our products seamlessly integrate into your space while reflecting your unique style.

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